Dev blog #1: The Story So Far…

Welcome friends and fans to the first Switch Galaxy Ultra blog post!

It’s been a busy few weeks following the recent announcement at GamesCom ( but we’re taking some time to document what’s happened to date in our ‘universe’ and bring you up to speed on our plans for the coming months, before the PlayStation®4 finally launches on 11 November 2013.

The story so far…

Switch Galaxy has come a long way from humble beginnings. Following the release of the original Switch title released in July 2011 on Android, the game was redeveloped and rebranded as Switch Galaxy for PlayStation®Mobile.

We could not have been happier with the response we got to Switch Galaxy from fans, press and the industry. Switch Galaxy became one of the most critically acclaimed titles on PlayStation®Mobile and it was due to this incredible success that we decided to once again reboot and rebrand, bringing Switch Galaxy Ultra to PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.

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So what’s new?

Switch Galaxy Ultra includes a super smooth 60FPS with enhanced graphics and effects plus new content including levels, ships and upgrades. Atomicom also enlisted Darren Douglas, original Wipeout concept artist and published Judge Dredd artist, to create a comic introduction and in-game comic scenes for the game, which are really stunning and very funny.

We’re also working with two new DJs to try and get some licensed tracks in to liven up the mix. At the moment, though, we can’t say who they are, but we’ll announce that as soon as everything’s set in stone.

And what’s next?

Over the coming weeks, we will bring you a series of posts on our plans and developments, providing insight into our journey to launch!

Currently we’re working on a few things, our programming team is mostly doing platform specific tasks including the PS4 and PSVita graphic engines, which should all be complete by the end of the month. We’re also working on a neat little trick so you can see where the track goes right into the distance, so you’ll see it bend and sweep ahead of you before the main track is drawn.

Spline trick

Region capture 4

The art team is busy finalising all the new content and have one more ship left to create. The next job will be finalising the front end and implementing the PlayStation® specific options and buttons.

In terms of where we stand in our current development schedule we’re heading up to first playable although in reality this is more like a pre alpha version as most of the game is already done.

Over the coming weeks, we will bring you a series of posts on our plans and developments, providing insight into our journey to launch!

Stay tuned for more news from the Switch Galaxy Ultra team!

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