Dev blog #2: October art update

Our small (but perfectly formed!) art team has been beavering away updating almost every aspect of the original Switch Galaxy’s visuals, which are coming together very nicely indeed.

Among others, these improvements include the update or full rebuild of the existing ships, tracks and hazards. They’ve also given us the opportunity to increase the resolution of the models and textures and add material effects that were not available to us before.

Along with new player ships, we’ve also introduced animated sections to the models, triggered by certain portions of the track.

The updates aren’t just confined to the track either – we’ve implemented a new 360° view of space, with much larger nebulae and sharper, more detailed starfields. We’re also working on dynamic sky effects, which add extra depth and flare to the environment.

The menu systems for both in-game and front-end have been totally overhauled and redesigned both visually and structurally, with programmer and artist working closely together to make things look and feel just how we want them.

We also felt that we could make the destination cities more substantial, so we’ve set about adding extra scenery on the approach, ranging from new city walls to vegetation.

Exciting times! Check out some of our work in progess images below….

Andrastea Ship – Garage and Skins

Andrastea_Garage andrastea_skins

Evolver Ship



Skybox_01 Skybox_02


Trees_1 Trees_2 Trees_Model

Tunnel Effects

Tunnel01 Tunnel02

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