In the news: why ‘WipEout couldn’t have been further away from the inspiration’

Check out the recent piece on Pocket Gamer, CEO Gary Nichols talk about why ‘WipEout couldn’t have been further away from the inspiration’

“Was WipEout a big influence for you on Switch Galaxy Ultra? If so, what is it about that series that inspires you?

Actually, WipEout couldn’t have been further away from the inspiration.

Atomicom co-founder Mike Clarke and I both worked at Psygnosis, so we had a hand in WipEout. I worked on a number of WipEout games and the last thing I wanted to do was base a game on it.

I grew up playing Atari 2600 games and one of my favourites from that console was Dodge ‘Em. It was so hard and fast at times and that made me want to replay it to try and do better. So, we started discussing the idea of remaking it in 3D.

We did lots of concepting, had the game running in 3D, but the camera and the turns made people nauseated.

One day, Mike suggested we straighten out the lanes, so we did. Thus, Switch was born. In truth, it’s really difficult to make a futuristic racer and for it not to be compared to WipEout.

I guess it does go in our favour that we are kind of filling a space that WipEout would have once dominated.”

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